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The Technical University of Liberec, departments INT CxI and NTI FM , coordinator Milan Hokr,
The project of physical phenomena in rock massif measurement and of the on-line data transfer inside/from the Bedrichov Water Supply Tunnel, which is located in the depth up to 150 m under the surface in the granite massif.

Data and information

Online measurement 1 – Measurement database list (an authorized access together with a simplified public view) – a temporary version for older devices
Online measurement 2 – Public visualisation of new devices data (version in development)
Meteorological station at the tunnel entrance - a public access for graphical results, an authorized access for data lists
3D visualization - an interactive photo-realistic view–through (a public access)
AjaXplorer – file repository (an authorized access)


Project page on ResearchGate – publication list, some with open-access fulltexts


ortophoto mapunderground photo scheme of profile